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26 listopada 2014

Rinoceronte – from rhinoceros to handbag

Diceros bicornis (black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros) – is a species of rhinoceros classified as critically endangered and even in few African countries extinct: Chad, Cameroon, Rwanda and Ethiopia. For last 95 years the population of these beautiful animals was severely reduced from about 100 thousands to the number dipped below 2500 representatives. Fortunately since four years it has been growing.


Looking for an inspiration I never know with what it will end and that is the most enjoyable in designing. In the case of this handbag it was black rhinoceros also called hook-lipped rhino or common.

As usual, I launched my „Creation Machine” i.e. first analysis, next conclusion and principle. The principle which occurred in the result of the analysis was: HARD PROTECTS SOFT. Then a series of many associations , including that thick skin is to a rhino what a bulletproof vest for us – that gave me strong support in the further design (part of the project draft displayed on graphics). Finally after the series of trying on I decided to the  symmetric version (I was trying with the asymmetric one but I was dissatisfied). On the outer side I used three materials: grey skin with a visible texture (equivalent to hard), graphite suede (equivalent to soft) and, mounted with a steel round joint, glossy polycarbonate handle – reference to the rhino’s horn.


autor: Andrù Sokol